Letter to Tribal Leaders

Dear [Tribe Name] Tribal Leader,

I am sending you this letter to make you are aware of Indigenous Pact.

Indigenous Pact is is an organization that partners with tribes to increase health financing and access to care for American Indians and Alaska Natives. Most importantly, the Indigenous Pact shares one goal: uniting the 566 federally recognized tribes underserved by IHS to build a national, value-based Native Network. With a team of healthcare experts with years of experience in government affairs, revenue cycle systems, and healthcare network design, The Pact is stitching together the complex web of federal and state programs to ensure tribes receive quality, fully reimbursed healthcare. 

I sincerely hope that you take this opportunity to learn more about Indigenous Pact and provide free high quality healthcare to our tribal members. Feel free to visit their website indigenouspact.com or contact them directly for more information.

Thank You,

[Individuals Name]